Brilaps is well versed in web technologies. We have developed applications of all types and sizes. Everything from chat programs & complex custom sites to award winning content management systems.

  • Veedios - Veedios is a scalable video information aggregation and extraction platform. It stores and provides an API for accessing detailed information about online videos such as their title, description, related thumbnails, video endpoint, duration, etc.
  • MiaCMS - Brilaps was heavily involved with MiaCMS's initial fork effort from Mambo and continued to played a major role in all releases leading up to the MiaCMS/Aliro CMS merger. MiaCMS was awarded 3rd place in Packt Publishing's 2008 Open Source CMS competition under the Most Promising Open Source CMS category.
  • MOStlyREST - Revolutionary REST API for MiaCMS, Mambo and Joomla!.
  • Embedia - Moseasymedia - Set of extensions that make embedding video into MiaCMS, Mambo, Joomla! and WikkaWiki based websites extremely simple.
  • MOStlyCE - The most popular WYSIWYG content editor for the MiaCMS and Mambo content management systems.
  • Byte - A Rich Text Editor for MiaCMS & Aliro based on the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Rich Text Editor.
  • Easy Paypal - MiaCMS, Mambo & Joomla! module which adds plug and play support for Paypal to the CMS (i.e.) Donations, Buy Now, etc.
  • Mia-Chat - A web based Ajax chat application.


No development shop is complete without a mobile arm. At Brilaps we have invested a significant amount of time developing mobile applications on a variety of platforms. These days we tend to favor Android, webOS and Nokia WRT.

  • Txtract - Txtract creates a backup of SMS & MMS Messages off an Android phone. Keep your memories anywhere you like.
  • NewsFishing - Allows users to quickly browse through categorized news on their iPhone, Android and webOS device. There is a basic web interface available as well.
  • SaveMyAss - Quickly delete calls and messages from an Android phone.
  • Andorati - Search the Blogospehere on an Android phone.
  • iMia - Drop-in iPhone™ friendly mobile interface for the MiaCMS, Mambo, and Joomla! content management systems.
  • YUI2GO - YUI2GO is a mobile friendly version of the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) API documents (supports iPhone™ and Android).


Lets face it, not everything can live in the cloud. Sometimes you need a solid desktop application and well we build those too. Maybe its not even a desktop application in the traditional sense. Why limit web content consumption to a desktop browser or mobile device. We feel strongly that over the next few years more Internet content will make its way into the living room.

  • Yahoo! YUI Theater (Boxee Plugin) - A plugin for the Boxee platform, built on top of our Veedios platform, which enables viewing of YUI Theater's web video content on a TV.
  • Bridget - A desktop widget built using the Yahoo! Widget engine. Aimed at showing how one might extend MOStlyREST & MiaCMS into standalone desktop applications or widgets.


At Brilaps we use our idle time wisely. We always have a few side projects underway to further expand our knowledge base. Learnings from these projects often transfer nicely into benefits for our clients. Many of these are also freely available under open source licenses.

  • byuic - JavaScript & CSS compressions scripts for increased website performance. Learn why this is important here.
  • NewsXperiment - A new spin on "news mashups". Think of it as a news generator that invents news stories from actual news. Brings together technologies like Google's AppEngine, NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit), Flickr, and the Yahoo! Term Extractor.
  • pythumb - A simple yet powerful & flexible thumbnail image creator.
  • Keysig - Browser based keyboard pattern capture & analysis code. Think biometrics.
  • deCursifier - A multi-lingual profanity filter service.
  • MouseMetrics - A global mice race. It is a game, a fun one.

For expanded product details, downloads, code samples, screenshots and more please see our Product/Project Wiki.