SMRC was an attempt to show that MOStlyREST could be easily mashed up with other web services and/or integrated into various web pages. Bridget, (Brilaps + Widget = Bridget), is a desktop widget built using the Yahoo! Widget engine. This is aimed at showing how one might extend MOStlyREST & MiaCMS into standalone desktop applications or widgets. The basic widget was coded in a just a few days with he goal of highlighting some of the MOStlyREST features like search, popular items, real-time who's online indicators, listing of sections and categories, etc. Below is a screenshot of the main widget page.


To run the widget you will need to have the widget engine installed. You can download it from Yahoo! here. It runs on Windows and Mac OS X. After installing the official engine you will need to download and install the Bridget widget. We are in the process of submitting Bridget to the official Yahoo! Widget Gallery, but in the mean time you can grab it here.

Once installed you will need to point it at a MOStlyREST enabled MiaCMS (or Mambo/Joomla) site before it will do anything. Go to the widget preferences screen and enter in the url of the REST enabled site and the API id you registered with (see the registration wiki page for more information on this process). For demo/testing purposes you can use ours if you'd like:

RESTful Site URL:
REST API Key: 6d3de928d82be8e391893aba0b07ed2324906f40


Last, but not least feel free to play around and customize the various preferences as show in the screenshot below.


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