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  • Txtract MMS/SMS Backup 3.1 Released

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    Soon after the big 2.8 release of Txtract SMS Backup, we did not stop and finished the MMS backup feature as well. Txtract MMS/SMS Backup 3.1 is available in the Android Market. On top of all the goodies 2.8 (2.9) releases introduced, now you can also save your MMS messages. The MMS messages appear as a part of your conversation threads as you see them on your phone. See it for yourself here.

  • Txtract 2.8 Released

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    After 1.5 years of silence, Txtract Pro 2.8 released. This version has a new look&feel, many peformance enhancements, bug fixes, Android SDK compatibility issues plus some new and exciting features. Txtract users were long asking for the feature where they can extract only certain threads - now they have it. We also threw in a deletion feature of the thread as well. Bulk MMS extract feature will also be incorporated in the upcoming releases.Release notes are available here.

  • Txtract (Free) 1.7 Released

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    Txtract (free) has pretty much the same features with the paid version. We released 1.7 after rebuilding the app with the updated SDKs. Txtract (free) is available only in certain countries.Release notes are available here.

  • embedia 3.0.0 Released

    embedia Finally we have an updated version of moseasymedia. For starters, we changed the name of moseasymedia to embedia. embedia 3.0.0 is available either at SourceForge or Google Code ( A few features we added to embedia...embedia will not break the site validation.embedia unobtrusively uses YUI3 for popup overlays.embedia can take over your moseasymedia tags (after unpublishing moseasymedia mambot), so you won't have to retype all the tags you may have had.You can see the new features on our demo sites.

    Learn more on the product page here.

  • NewsFishing Released

    NewsFishing LogoNews Fishing allows you to quickly browse through the latest news from many well respected news sources in a different and super fast way.Instead of being lost in a jungle of news on a single page, we simply present you with a single news item - a.k.a fish.Try our iPhone, and Android applications.

    Learn more on the product page here.

  • SaveMyAss 1.1 Released

    SaveMyAss LogoSave My Ass is a utility application which quickly and discretely deletes your recent call and text message history on your Android based phone. It's like insurance; You never know when you need it!

    Learn more on the product page here.

  • YUI2GO 1.0 Released

    YUI2GO is a mobile friendly version of the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) API documents. The application provides the latest API documents for every component contained within the YUI library (versions 2 & 3 are supported).

    Learn more on the product page here.

  • Txtract 2.1 Released

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    Txtract creates a device-independent(XML,CSV,HTML) backup of your Text(SMS) Messages off your G1 Phone & stores as a file on the SD card. Txtract 2.1 is the priced version on Txtract. We removed the Internet connectivity and Banner displays from the Pro vresion. Release notes are available here.

  • Txtract 1.6 SMS Backup for G1

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    Txtract creates a device-independent(XML,CSV,HTML) backup of your Text(SMS) Messages off your G1 Phone & stores as a file on the SD card. v1.6 Version 1.6 supports Selectable Styles for HTML backup & Email the backup features Release notes are available here.

  • MiaCMS 4.8 Official Release
    MiaCMS 4.8 release bring OpenID support (versions 1&2), content versioning, a brand new and vastly improved JavaScript architecture, a Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) upgrade (from 2.5.2 to 2.6.0), an enhancement to the Related Articles module, new versions of the Byte&MOStlyCE editors, and plenty of bug fixes and other general enhancements. More here.
  • Txtract 1.5 - Supports HTML Export

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    Txtract creates a device-independent(XML,CSV,HTML) backup of your Text(SMS) Messages off your G1 Phone & stores as a file on the SD card. v1.5 includes includes the HMTL Export enhancement, and some bug fixes around CSV export and performance. Release notes are available here.

  • byuic 1.1 Released

    This version contains a revised Bash wrapper and a brand new Python wrapper for the YUI Compressor. It also contains the latest YUI Compressor, version 2.4.2.... More information available on our wiki here.

  • Keysig 1.0 Released

    This is the initial release of our Keysig labs project. Keysig deals with browser based keyboard pattern capture and analysis code. Think biometrics... More information available on our wiki here.

  • Andorati 1.1 Released

    Andorati Logo

    Another first from Brilaps. We are releasing the first blog search application for G1. Andorati. Andorati uses API to bring the hottest blogs to your G1. Release notes are available here.

  • Txtract 1.3 for Android G1 Phones

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    Txtract creates a device-independent(XML,CSV,HTML) backup of your Text(SMS) Messages off your G1 Phone & stores as a file on the SD card. v1.3 includes all the v1.2 and also fixes the auto output directory creation bug. Release notes are available here.

  • iMia for iPhone™ Released

    iMia is a web application focused on bringing a standard iPhone web interface to the MiaCMS, Mambo, and Joomla! content management systems. Yes, the iPhone does have a full web browser that is capable of displaying any site, so it is possible to use these content management systems without iMia. However, the experience is often less than appealing since users must constantly zoom in, zoom out, pinch to expand and contract, etc. As with most web sites and/or applications, these content management systems were coded with the desktop browser in mind. This is were iMia comes in...

    iMia brings a simple web interface to the MiaCMS, Mambo, and Joomla! content management systems for iPhone users. The application is designed in accordance with the recommended iPhone interface design guidelines laid out by Apple. iMia makes use of the iui project's fabulous efforts in this area.

    Learn more on the product page here.

  • Launched

    Brilaps launched a new kind of news-mashup site. In the possible simplest terms, NewsXperiment reads a bunch of RSS feeds, approximately 200, from a number of highly respected sources and scrambles their news’ titles and summaries using Natural Language Processing techniques. The idea is to create interesting, funny, and/or timely new stories based on actual real-time events as reported by news sources of all kind across the Internet. The mash often produces comical stories such as “Princess Di Dancing with the Polar Bears at Golden Gate Bridge”. How would it come up with such a story? Well at that time of our scrambling there was probably some unrelated news about Princess Di, Dancing with the Stars, Polar Bears, and Golden Gate Bridge. We randomly select and break apart each story, scramble them up, and rebuild them to construct amusing and well structured stories. The magic is in the reconstruction. The engine is still in beta and thus the scrambled Title/Summary text still needs some refinement, but it is worth a bookmark and glance every day or so, as it already generates some pretty interesting mashups several times a day.

    NewsXperiment is hosted at Google utilizing Google AppEngine. NewsXperiment also grabs a relevant image from Flicr to enhance the visitor experience.

    Click here to visit

    You can find more info here.

  • MOStlyREST 1.0 Released

    Brilaps releases the MOSTlyREST 1.0. MOStlyREST is a revolutionary REST interface to open up your MiaCMS (Mambo, Joomla) site to new horizons. Our beta release has been in the open for a few months and so far throughly tested. Along with our base implementation of REST component, we also released a few client applications, such as SMRC and Bridget to showcase the RESTful abilities MOStlyREST.

    Stayed tuned for another exciting REST application which is just around the corner.

    More information can be found here.

  • MOStlyCE v3.1.0.1 Released

    Brilaps releases MOStlyCE, version The biggest change for this release was an upgrade of the TinyMCE core from 3.0.7 to the latest version available This brings in lots of bug fixes and better support for Opera 9.50 and the Firefox 3. TinyMCE's full changelog can be found here.

    Also the compression feature in MOStlyCE is reworked. This feature was not functioning properly in recent versions of Opera and/or with the new FireFox 3 release.Editor compression is important because it reduces the overall size of the editor by up to 75% and reduces the number of HTTP requests reqired to load the editor.

    Upgrade instructions can be found here.

  • MiaCMS 4.6.5 Released
    The MiaCMS team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 4.6.5.  This release fixes old bugs and adds a good bit of new and/or enhanced functionality.  In addition to the release itself we have launched the new site and the redesigns of our forum and wiki.

    Here are the release cliff notes:
    1. Cache Fixes & Enhancements
    2. Enhanced Statistics & Poll Result Charting
    3. New Templates, Site Designs, & the Official Logo
    4. External Library Updates
    5. Enhanced Commenting & Akismet (Spam Blocker)
    6. Performance Improvements & Dynamic YUI Loader

    For the details see the official release notes here

  • Mia Chat 0.8.3 Released
    Brilaps released v0.8.3 of its "Mia Chat" Ajax chat application. This minor maintenance release upgrades the HTMLPurifier Library to version 3.0.1. We recommend all MiaChat users to upgrade to this release. For more information about Mia visit our wiki.
  • MOStlyREST 1.0 Beta Released
    Brilaps released a revolutionary REST API for Mambo and Joomla! CMSs. With the addition of MOStlyREST, Mambo will allow for advanced external interaction. Meaning that, interaction with the site and its content no longer has to occur directly through normal browsing methods or plain old RSS feds. For the first time programmers will have access to expose and consume Mambo's internals as external services via the data type of their choosing (i.e.) JSON, XML, or serialized PHP. "The RESTful Widget, Bridget" and SMRC sample accompany MOStlyREST to demonstrate its capabilities. For more information about MOStlyREST, REST API and Bridget visit our wiki.
  • Mia Chat 0.8.2 Released
    Brilaps released v0.8.2 of its "Mia Chat" Ajax chat application. This release focused on correcting the known IE related issues like the inability to register new accounts. For more information about Mia visit our wiki.
  • moseasymedia 2.0 Released

    We are very excited to announce the new moseasymedia 2.0 release. moseasymedia 2.0 is compatible with Mambo 4.5.6, Mambo 4.6, Joomla! 1.0, Joomla! 1.5 and WikkaWiki.

    Most exciting developments in this release are; the customizable popup support -conventional window popups, thickbox(jQuery) -, and restructuring the core code to be able to use in different applications.

    Demos for available moseasymedia releases can be seen on the sites below.

    • (Mambo and Joomla! 1.0)
    • (Joomla! 1.5)
    • WikkaWiki Demo (WikkaWiki)

    Please visit our wiki. for further details.

  • Easy Paypal Module 1.0.2 Released
    Easy Paypal Module (v.1.0.2) for Mambo and Joomla! released. Easy Paypal Module comes in two flavours; Easy Pay Paypal (for Buy Now purposes), and Easy Donate Paypal (for Donation purposes). Please visit our wiki. for further details.
  • Mia Chat 0.8 Released
    Today, Brilaps released version 0.8 of our Mia Chat Ajax web based chat application. This release is stable enough for everyday use and has undergone a great deal of testing on the various popular platforms and browsers. We have been using it to do all our own chatting for months now and we're loving it. We are nearing a 1.0 release, but have a few new tricks to try before then. Mia is released under the MIT License. For more information about Mia go here.
  • Got Wiki ?
    We got wiki. You can find detail documentation of our products at Brilaps Wiki.. Wiki site is going through a heavy setup procedure, but let that not stop you from wondering around.
  • pythumb 0.8 Released
    Brilaps released a simple but yet powerful and flexible thumbnail image generator. We use it to generate the thumbnails on our sites. pythumb, as the name suggests, developed in Python and it is released under the MIT License. For more information about pythumb
  • MOStlyCE 3.0.5 Released
    MOStlyCE version 3.0.5 has been released. This release includes bug fixes and a TinyMCE core upgrade. There was a bug with the new dynamic image list which broke recursion and also a bug with the file manager url which caused 404 errors when users called the file manager from the frontend with IE. Both have now been corrected. The MOStlyCE core is now running TinyMCE v3.0.5 (up from 3.0) which includes quite a few bug fixes as well. Their full changelog can be found here.
  • Site Launched
    Well for one thing we launched the company and this new site :). Expect exciting project news and updates to be coming over the next few weeks and months.

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