MOStlyREST Examples

In order to build a REST client against MiaCMS you will need a valid REST API key. This key is unique to each product/site. Developers register for keys and site owners must approve them. More information of the registration process can be found here. Once a key is obtained the client development process can begin. To understand how to interact with the MOStlyREST API please see the following wiki page for parameters and sample responses.

We have put together several very quick and dirty examples of how one might use the MOStlyREST API to create unique and exciting external services and applications.

Sample Mambo REST Client (SMRC Download)

This client simply calls the MiaCMS website defined in the configuration file and retrieves the top 5 ranked articles. It then passes the content of these articles along to the Yahoo! Term Extractor web service which in turn then sends back what it feels are the key terms for each article. Once we have the key terms they are sent to the Flickr web service where a tag search is done for photos tagged with our key words. We look for photos which are licensed under Creative Commons. We display these related photos and key words below the original content and use a greybox effect to show full-size versions of the thumbnails (Note: Like we said quick and dirty.. meaning we are not verifying all the full-size image paths so some may not work, but most should. It's an example, not a production application).

Here is a working demo.


Bridget, (Brilaps + Widget = Bridget), is a desktop widget built using the Yahoo! Widget engine. This is aimed at showing how one might extend MOStlyREST & MiaCMS into standalone desktop applications or widgets.

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