MouseMetrics is yet to be released.

MouseMetrics is a global mice race. It is a game, a fun one.

There are a few applications out in the wild that will track your mouse interactions but none to allow users keep their metrics online. MouseMetrics enables users to store their "mouse metrics" on a central location, indeed a website, where they can login, and check how far they traveled with their mice, and get perhaps get regional mouse metrics statistics! Or how about "mouse metrics wars" between nations? Do you think Chinese click the left button more than Canadians? Which continent uses the mouse wheel most?

MouseMetrics allow you to register multiple profiles under the same users, so you can switch to your home profile when you're home, or office profile when you're at work.

Unlike our other software, unfortunately MouseMetrics is not cross-platform. Currently, MouseMetrics client will only work in Windows environments.

For personal use, MouseMetrics is free. If you are a business and want to track the mouse activities of your employees, please contact us for corporate pricing.

Mousemetrics Client is released under Brilaps Free Software License.

Mousemetrics Server is released under Brilaps Software License.



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