Social Bits a Social Bookmarking Module

Social Bits is a social bookmarking module for Mia, Mambo, Joomla! based Content Management Systems.

During our fork effort for MiaCMS, we decided to tackle the social bookmarking concept and include a core social bookmarker in Mia. So born Social Bits as a MiaCMS (Mambo/Joomla!) module.

Social Bits
Social Bits does not include a ton of images on your site. We opted to include only twelve bookmark repositories in Social Bits. Those are:
  • del.ici.ous
  • digg
  • stumbleupon
  • slashdot
  • netscape
  • furl
  • google
  • reddit
  • yahoo
  • ma.gnolia
  • technorati
  • newsvine
  • diigo

In the Administration console of your CMS, you can pick and choose the ones you'd like to appear on your site.

Social Bits will also try to pre-populate some tags and description for your shared links. Just check the "Use Metatags" option. Yet better, your visitor wants to bookmark a "content page" the "content specific metatags" will also get concatenated in the description.

Social Bits Admin

As you can see, we opened up the URL patterns to be sent to the bookmarking site. You may want to play with those in order the take out the ones you don't want. *do it at your own risk :)

Download it here.


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