Yahoo! YUI Theater (Boxee Plugin)

YUI Theater

Boxee is an up-and-coming cross platform application that aims to help bring web content to the TV. It is based on the open source XBMC project. It ships with a number of terrific content plugins like Netflix, Hulu, CNN, etc and allows developers to write new plugins to bring in additional content. We believe Boxee holds a great deal of potential and as developers we are always interested in exploring new technologies from the inside out. We set out to build our first plugin and selected the Yahoo! YUI Theater as the video content we wanted to bring from the web to the TV. YUI Theater has a ton of developer videos (and is continuously expanding). We think it is a terrific source of content for developers to have access to from their couch (especially since most of the videos are a bit longer than someone might have time to watch comfortably from their laptop).

The plugin was developed using the Boxee APIs and has a custom backend, we call Veedios, which developed on top of Google's AppEngine platform. The plugin is freely available in Boxee's public repository. Enjoy!

If you are a web publisher with video content that you'd like to explore bringing to the television drop us a line.

Video of the Plugin in Action

Yahoo! YUI Theater on Boxee @ Yahoo! Video


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