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Easy Paypal Extensions

MiaCMS, Mambo, & Joomla module which allows users to incorporate Paypal in to their sites int the simplest possible way.

Most of the time, we don't really need a full blown and complex shopping cart solutions. It's an overkill to install and maintain a shopping cart when all you need is to collect donations, sell a single item, or charge service fees via Paypal.


Easy Paypal extension is published on

Easy Paypal module comes in two flavors.

Easy Paypal module implements 'Website Payments Standard Integration Guide' specification by Paypal and makes them available as module parameters. One of the neat things we like about Easy Paypal module is that, it allows you to switch back and forth between your Paypal Sandbox and actual Paypal account.

You can also use multiple instances of the module on different pages, for different products.

On top of that, each of those Paypal modules can be assigned different styling via CSS.

You can visually select which button to use for in your module, and style each module independently by assigning a custom CSS file and suffix to them.


Installation of Easy Pay Paypal and Easy Donate Paypal modules installed the same way as any other Mambo or Joomla! extensions is installed.

Download the module extension from SourceForge, save locally, point to the zip file and use 'Universal Installer' in MiaCMS (same for Mambo), or the 'module installer' in Joomla! to install the module.

Demo Sites

We've been using the modules for quite some time on our sites. Take a look. Beware, those modules are "live".

  • Donations :
  • Service Payments:

Paypal Documentation

After you install Easy Pay Paypal and/or Easy Donate Paypal, make sure you take a look at


Forum is a good place to start a support request, or click here to send us an email.


Easy Paypal module has been out since Summer 2007 and released under GPL v2.


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