10 Easy Steps to Setup iMia

At this point, we are hoping that you are already registered for your iMia account. If you did not yet, please do so by clicking here.

iPhone™ enabling your MiaCMS, Mambo, or Joomla! site is pretty easy. This page will lay the steps in the easiest possible terms. Just follow them.

  1. You MUST have the MOStlyREST component installed on your CMS.
    • If you are running MiaCMS versions prior to 4.8, the easiest option is to uninstall "RESTful API Manager", " rest_content", and "rest_stats" components and reinstall them. You can download the full MOStlyREST components from here. Just install this file using the Universal Installer.
    • If you are running a Mambo 4.6.x or a Joomla 1.0.x site, you can download the MOStlyREST components from here, and install it using the extension installation mechanisms provided by your system. In case MOStlyREST_v1.0_ALL_IN_ONE.zip does not install properly on your system, please download and install all three components - com_rest_v1.0.zip, com_rest_content_v1.0.zip, com_rest_stats_v1.0.zip - .

  • The step above is an absolute requirement. Those components MUST be in place before proceeding. Let's see how we can make sure that they are in place.

  1. Check to see, if "RESTful API Manager" exists under your "Administrator -> Components" menu.
  2. Under "Administrator -> Components -> RESTful API Manager -> Edit API Settings" menu, make sure "Allow the REST API:" and "Allow New REST API Registrations:" are set to "Yes" MOStlyREST setup for iMia
  3. Now you have the MOStlyREST in place. Brilaps can register on your site as a REST API consumer.
  4. After your registration, in less that 24 hours, we will try to register on your site for RESTful access. Once we register, we need to enable our account by going to "Administrator -> Components -> RESTful API Manager -> Show API Users" menu. You'll see our registration attempt there. Would you please "unblock" us? MOStlyREST setup for iMia - enable REST API User

  • So far we accomplished the REST enabling the core. A few more steps and we are done.

  1. Download the iMia module and install it in the same way you installed the MOStlyREST components.
  2. Publish the module at the position of your choosing.
  3. Visit your frontpage.
  4. You will see Your site is iPhone enabled.

That's it. So anytime and iPhone user comes to your site, they simply click on the iMia badge and experience the iPhone'd up version of your site.

Your site looks better on the iPhone this way !

iMia for iPhone

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the "Contact Us" link above, or by posting a message on our forum.


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