moseasymedia is a set of extensions to make the video embedding into Mambo & Joomla! & WikkaWiki based websites as easy as flipping a switch.

moseasymedia supports media plugins and media players that support; wmv, wma, divx, midi, avi, mpg, mpeg, asf, asx, swf, flv, dcr, dir, mov, mp4, ram, rv, rpm, ra, mp3, playlist files (RSS, Atom, XSPF) extensions. That pretty much covers all the media formats that exist today. Under the circumstances when the media type cannot be determined from the extension, moseasymedia tries to match the media's host domain with it's supported players.


Most recent moseasymedia version is 2.0 can be download from

moseasymedia supports the following players out of the box:

  • Windows Media Player
  • Flash
  • Shockwave
  • Quicktime
  • Real Player
  • DivX
  • JW FLV Player
  • JW Media Player
  • JW MP3 Player
  • XSPF Web Player Extended & Slim

moseasymedia has been around since March 2007, and gained a good deal of momentum since it's inception. About 50K downloads, #1 spot in Joomla Extensions Directory on a few occasions, we've seen it taking the 600th spot in amongst 172K projects. The project consists of three extensions. A content mambot, a module, and an editor-extension button. The content mambot is the core peace of the product family. In technical terms, the "module" reuses the mambot to generate the embed code.

Embedding a video or a song in your site, is indeed not a difficult task. However, the embed strings are usually lengthy, and may look cryptic to the novice user. Making sure that the the media you embedded is multi-browser compatible may give you more headaches that you expect out of simple task. Imagine you want all your videos show in a 500x500 window, instead of 420x300. Do you really want to go through every single content item, and make the change?

moseasymedia is highly configurable. Almost every single parameterized option of the supported players can be set site-wide, or can be overriden per media. Just change some values in the mambot configuration, and that's it. You change will immediately propagate. Easy right! That's why it's called moseasymedia.

moeasymedia uses a GPL v2 license.

Demo Mambo 4.6 and Joomla! 1.0 Joomla! 1.5

moseasymediaDemoforWikkaWiki for WikkaWiki

moseasymedia 1.0.4 version


You can access the moseasymedia doc here. That should cover all the basics. It still says 1.0.3, and will be updated soon.
moseasymedia 1.0.3 documentation

This is also a very nice write up; Making Youtube or Google Video work with moseasymedia plugin of Joomla!


Forum is a good place to start a support request, or click here to send us an email.




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