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embedia/moseasymedia WikkaWiki Demo

  • This page is still being constructed, but should give you the idea.

moseasymedia action in WikkaWiki are triggered with two opening { and two closing } . The spaces between them are intentionally put in there, so we can show you the code that triggers the embed media process.

Mambo and Joomla! Demos Mambo 4.6 and Joomla! 1.0 Joomla! 1.5

Embedding From YouTube

The only trick with the YouTube videos is, replacing the ? and = signs with / (forward slash). And put in a moseasymedia tag. That's it.

And please don't ask "why this video?".. It has a story, yet to be told : ))

{ {embedia media= popup=overlay popupmediathumbnail= } }

click on the link below to play the media
Click here to open in another window.

Just Play it
{ {embedia media=} }

Embedding Windows Media Player

Simply give it the link.
{ { moseasymedia media= } }

Embedding FLV

Once again, feed moseasymedia the link, and forget about the rest.
{ {embedia media=} }


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