uxTags, short for user experience tags, tackles a problem we all face daily while browsing the web. uxTags aims to eliminate this problem by adding a widget to the site that displays a list of keywords specific to the page in question. When the user lands on the site they will encounter a list of keywords which do two things for us. First of all the list gives a visual indicator that the information was looking for is in fact found on the page. Secondly, the keyword list removes the need to perform a secondary search and/or scroll and scan for the right section. The each keyword in the uxTags widget is clickable. When clicked the matching term is highlighted through the entire document making it easy to locate and the document is automatically scrolled to the first matching result. A set of arrows is added beside each matching term as well. These arrows support navigation between the matched results. Users can navigation to the next result, the previous result, or back to the beginning of the document.

To signup for this service please visit the uxTags site.

Basic Setup

The process to setup uxTags is very simple. Here are the basic steps required to get things working:

  1. Go to http://uxtags.appspot.com/ and register your website.
  2. Tell uxTags which DOM element(s) on your page contain the main content it should use to identify keywords ( add help info here ).
  3. Tell uxTags which DOM element it should render the keywords into ( add help info here ).
  4. Continue customizing the settings for your site as needed.
  5. Place the uxTags JavaScript tag just before the close </body> tag of your site.

More information coming soon....
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